What does a “base build DIY” Forever include?

  • RVIA Certification

  • 2 x 4 Construction

  • Rigid Foam Board & Batt Insulation

  • Metal Roofing

  • Sheetrock Interior

  • Full-size Countertops

  • Kitchen Sink

  • Kitchen Cabinetry

  • RV Power Cord

  • Bath Sink

  • Flush Style Toilet

  • Shower

  • Electric Hot Water Heater

  • Bath Exhaust Fan

  • Efficient LED Lighting Throughout

  • Classic White Vinyl Windows

  • 24in Countertops


Directions on using our “tiny house builder”

  1. To navigate the “tiny house builder”, please click on the “next” or “back” button in color RED on the bottom of the “tiny house builder”, or select a page title from the timeline on the top of the “tiny house builder”. To go back to previous pages ** DO NOT CLICK** the back button on your WEB BROWSER or you will lose your work in progress. Common web browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

  2. The final amount on our “tiny house builder” page is an estimate on your tiny.

  3. In order to streamline our builder page we have left out some questions, e.g. furniture location, paint colors, different sinks and other custom general questions… These questions can be covered in a more thorough quote at a later time.

  4. After you complete your online build quote, please make sure to hit the “Submit” button if you’d like to be contacted by one of our associates in a prompt manner.

  5. If you have any questions on how to use our “tiny house builder”, we can walk you through it over the phone, or we can provide you with a custom package with some of your wants, ideas, and budget.

  6. Please note that some options that are worded “ I have something else in mind” or “Price Varies” maybe priced at $0.00 and will need to be taken into consideration at the end of your online quote. Some products that are not in our standard inventory may require an extra installation & handling fee.

  7. DIY” stands for “Do it yourself”. Feeling creative? Need help in reaching your goal of a tiny within your budget? Our goal is to help you get to your goal. We will take care of the most difficult tasks and allow room for your creativeness and unique style. Ultimately the goal is to save you money.


******Please note this website is still Under-Construction. Feel free to contact us about any errors or troubles******

“Forever Tiny Home” Builder available now. Pre-Built Packages Coming Soon!